I moved to the UES in the fall. The circumstances that brought me here were not ideal, but everyone tells me that “everything happens for a reason”… and I am feeling that maybe they are right. Nothing but positive things have happened for me since my move.

I do love it here, and one of the things I love is the new friend Ive made at one of the local bars. He’s very friendly and nice- and one of the first people I befriended when I moved here. He is undeniably HOT, smart, and funny. People often ask me what my “type” is. I dont know that I have a “type”,really- but if I did, this guy would come pretty close. Of course, he has a girlfriend (who happens to be really nice too!) but that doesnt mean we cant still be good friends, right? Lol.
I love that I can go there any nite of the week and that hes always happy to see me. Sometimes I just order a diet coke and stay for a few minutes, some nites I stay for hours talking to him and his friends over several glasses of wine…he always gives me his opinion on the guys that I date, my acting career, and even family stuff, and I value his opinion. Sometimes he makes me laugh so hard I wanna cry.
You know that song from Cheers “Sometimes you wanna go, where everybody knows your name”…thats how I am beginning to feel about this place.

I’ve also befriended the old man who works in the shoe repair store right next door. In addition to shoe repair, he also does repairs of jewelry, purses, and other odds and ends. My confirmation cross had broken during my move- and I thought all was lost. I brought it to him on a whim and he actually was able to fix it!!
Other new friends?…the owner of Daisys Cafe, the couple at the laundromat, the guys at the pizzeria, the teachers at my gym…
Community and a sense of belonging…its so important… to walk down the street and have people recognize you and say hello. To get to know the local business owners on a personal level….to get used to the sounds of the street and find comfort in them…….
I had lost that when I left Harlem because I was in the same place for so long…, and now finally I feel I am re-establishing that sense of community for myself here. It finally feels like home here.



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