Creating A Sense of Abundance

“Creativity flourishes with a sense of abundance.”

That’s another quote from Julia Cameron. I think its a really important idea to remember. You cant work yourself to death, devote all of your spare time to helping others, deny yourself even the tiniest bit of pleasure, and still expect to be able to create.
We need to find ways to “refill the well”, or put another way, to “recharge our batteries”. We need to find ways of giving ourselves a sense of luxury. When we feel abundant, safe, and luxurious, we are in better positions to produce good art.

This doesnt mean having to spend a lot of money. In fact, luxury and abundance can often come from doing things that dont cost any money at all.

For me, a big one is TIME. For so long, I would work myself to death, never having a day off and CONSTANTLY doing something. I had a hard time saying “no” to requests for help or another “great opportunity”. I thought this was the “right thing” to do, but it wasnt. Instead of moving me closer to my goals, it moved me further away from them. I wasnt able to put my best face forward because I was always tired and stressed. I wasnt centered and focused.

I’ve made a conscious decision to change that, and I feel so much better. Free time, time to think, imagine, plan, rest, play, be with family- its CRUCIAL to artistic survival.

There are a million and one little things you can do that can make you feel good. Maybe buying a pack of fresh strawberries. I love strawberries!! Taking the time to call and talk to a loved one (not just Facebooking them or texting them) but really spending time to talk . ( I am always re-energized and happy after talking with friends ) Treating yourself to some new music (Just $1.00 a song on Itunes!).

Today on my lunch break I went window shopping and bought myself a scented candle from Bath and Body Works. It was such a simple thing but it gave me such a nice feeling. The scent evokes memories of the fall when I was growing up upstate. The soft lite of the lit candle warms my apartment and relaxes me.

What things can you do this week to help make you feel abundant?
Here’s a challenge- If you do spend any money, it cant be more than $5.00!! Promise?
Ok- go to it!!



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