A Scary Moment

I was walking out of a restaurant with my friend the other nite and something bad happened. We heard screaming and turned around to look and this girl on the corner was being attacked by a gang of other girls. It took us a minute to figure out what was going on- at first I just thought that they were friends in an argument. But after a second or two it became clear what was going on. We ran across the street to help her and the girls ran away. They were all wearing red tshirts which I guess is some sort of sign. I felt reallybad for the girl- she was crying hysterically. I didnt really know what to do so I was just kind of hugging her while people called the cops. Its funny how incidents like that can bring complete strangers together. Thankfully, she wasnt hurt but they took her cell phone and wallet. We waited with her until her boyfriend arrived and then went on our way.

Things like that always scare the heck out of me. That could EASILY have been me or someone close to me. The girl had just been standing there, not talking to anyone, waiting for her BF. And these girls come out of NOWHERE and just ATTACK her with PEOPLE around!! Crazy!!

I guess it was a reminder that we all need to be a little more careful nowadays. As great as our city is, there are still things we need to protect ourselves from…so tonite Im praying that the girl is ok, that the girls in the gang finds some healing and something positive to get involved in, and that all of my friends are safe.



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