my element

Friday nite was one of those nites when I just felt so good! I just felt happy and peaceful and alive!! As my sister would say, “I was in my element”.
I went with my friend to see another friend in a show he was in which was part of the Fringe Festival. It was in the East Village, at the Connelly Theatre. He was so good and so was the entire cast! I had such a great time seeing him act and spending time with my actor friends. I know that it meant a lot to him that I was there to support him.

The weather was perfect, everyone was out, and I got to enjoy the feel and energy of the East Village- which I hardly ever get to do anymore. I am an NYU girl, so when I was in college I spent MANY a nite there with my friends. It was nice to be back there and reminisce about my college days. And it was funny to see all of those “New to New York” kids experiencing it for the first time. I saw myself in them.

I rode the bus home with my friend and on the way we talked about our goals for the next few months and the strategies we will use to meet them. She gave me a lot of affirmation and support for what I am doing, and I tried to do the same for her. (shes an opera singer)

The next show that I hope to see is SEED, which is being produced by the Classical Theatre of Harlem. I am inspired by the playwright and by the subject matter of the play. I cant wait!

I think its really important as artists to support each other. It always blows me away when I meet actors that dont go to see shows. Its part of our job to be in the know about whats going on around us. This is our field! Seeing shows reminds us of why we do what we do. It inspires us to move forward, it stimulates our imagination, it feeds our souls. And when you are in a show, dont you want people to come see YOU? πŸ™‚ Besides, we live in NY **!!! City- the theatre capital of the WORLD!! Why else are we here??!!

There are tons of ways to see shows for free or for a small cost- Ive done ushering, volunteering, standing inline for $20 tix- you name it. Now, if only I could have seen Denzel in Fences, I would have been SOO happy…sigh…

What show will you go see this week?



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