Taking the Road Less Travelled

I was really not feeling the gym tonite. Really. I dont know why- but all I wanted to do was go home and curl up in my bed. I wanted to turn on the tv, grab some oreos, and curl up in my bed.

But, I have goals I am trying to reach, so in the end, I ended up going. I ran for thirty minutes, and then I took a 1 hour yoga class. It felt good. I am so glad that I went. I’m always glad that I pushed myself to go. I always feel better too. Its getting there thats the hard part- once I’m there- I feel perfectly fine.

Taking “the road less travelled” is HARD sometimes. Its so much easier to do what everyone else is doing. Its hard sometimes to say NO to the party, the boy, the movie, the book…but since I am really focused on my goals- I know what I have to do.

One thing I try to do to keep myself on track is to reward myself for doing the right thing. Just a small treat to acknowledge and affirm my actions. Kinda like our teachers used to give us gold stars on our tests when we did a good job. Sometimes its a frappuccino, on good weeks a mani/pedi,or a new book….just something to keep me motivated.

So, heres to sticking to our goals and making our dreams come true!!



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