A Very Wise Yoga Teacher

Out of all of the yoga teachers that I am currently studying with, my favorite by far is my Sunday nite teacher. For the purposes of this blog, I’ll call her Laura.

Laura is just so amazing. She is kind, compassionate, gentle and inspiring. Just walking into the room you feel an energy coming from her that is soothing, welcoming, and comforting. Her skill at yoga is admirable and inspiring, particularly because she is eight months pregnant! I want to be able to do what she does when I have kids!!

At the beginning of each yoga class, most teachers bring a thought or an idea to focus on during the class, or a purpose to dedicate your practice to. Tonite, Laura shared this idea with us: “It is our persistence and commitment that brings us success, not skill. When we come from a place of love and positive energy, all good things happen. So we can let go of the result, because the result will take care of itself. Just focus on showing up and doing the work, and the rest will fall into place.” These words really resonated with me tonite.

I had a big disappointment this week. There was a project that I really wanted to do. I thought for sure that “it was meant to be”. The director was someone who was very reputable with a lot of experience. The role was one I had done before and the play was close to my heart. I was fearless and I took bold steps and reached out. It would have been one step closer to LA. it would have opened so many doors.

It didnt happen. For whatever reason, it just didnt. And it kinda sucks. 😦

The “owie” has already started to go away and I’ve already moved my focus to the next thing. Its the only thing I can do. Like Laura says, it is my persistence and commitment that will bring me success. If not this time, then the next one. I just have to trust and keep on moving forward.

I know the artists reading this have been where I am tonite, so I am hoping that in reading this, you too, will find comfort and strength to keep going.



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