New Beginnings

This weekend was really tiring for me. I worked so hard and I feel exhausted. I helped my coach with her house on Friday and Saturday, and then on Sunday I helped moved my sister into her new place.
After the work was done, though, I felt a renewed sense of energy and motivation. Things were neat, clean, and organized. I know that they are both in a good place now to start the “semester” off right.

I took that energy and applied it to my own place. Now that September is almost here, its time to “sharpen up our pencils” and get ready for the year ahead. All around us, people are preparing for “back to school”. I’m joining in with them and getting ready to pound the pavement. I organized my place, from all of my writng materials, to my headshots and resumes, to interaction notebooks to important letters. If I want to move forward with my goals, its important for me to have my things neat and organized.

Its a new “school year”, a new beginning. Its the perfect time to get clear on what we want to accomplish in the next few months, and devise a clear strategy for achieving those goals. Let’s use these last few days of summer to get super organized and prepared for “back to school”.



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