Ode to Dunstan

So, during my very crazy and intense time working at LDE, I had one very good friend who kept me grounded and anchored. He was one of the interns, and I think that if it wasn’t for him, my job would have been much,much harder. His cheerful disposition, his friendliness, his warmth, were always a calming source for me during my time there. We would often have long conversations about the business, about our dreams and goals, about life in general. I felt supported and appreciated by him.

One of the biggest parts of my job was script coverage, which means reading ALOT of screenplays and “covering” them. Covering them means giving a review of the script. You basically fill out a “report”, saying what the script is about and what you thought about it. Then, the “higher ups” can have an idea about the script and whether or not to consider producing it without having to actually read it.

Dunstan and I read SO MANY scripts. I was often thrown three or fours scripts to read in ONE night, and though I had a few other interns, Dunstan was ALWAYS the one I could count on to help me get them all done. He always had my back. He was always very dedicated and professional.

Neither of us are at LDE anymore, but we continue to work together. Dunstan is now helping me complete the editing for my trailer. I am so grateful for his constant support and encouragement. He believes in me, and he believes in my project. Nite after nite, even after a long day of work, we get together and work on my trailer. He sits patiently by my side and listens to me, and frame by frame, he brings my story to life. He doesnt roll his eyes at me when I ask him a million questions, he doesnt get mad when I change my mind for the millionth time, he gives me his honest opinion when I ask for advice. His passion and dedication are a constant source of motivation and inspiration for me.

He understands that being a girl means I have mood swings, and he doesnt take it personally. He indulges me when I want to take a break and have conversations about men, love, family, etc, but he always maks sure we get back to work. He’s not one of those people who are “all talk”. Like me, he is serious about his craft and willing to do the work that it takes to be successful artists.

I am so very grateful for Dunstans friendship and help. We are only two sessions away from being done with the trailer. It is looking really good and I feel proud of our work.

My coach often talks to us about artists with the “lone ranger” mentality- Artists that have so many dreams and goals, but who want to do it “all by themselves”. Tonite I am reminded not only of Dunstan, but of all the others who have helped me on my journey. When we surround ourselves with the right people, people who believe in us and support us, its easier for us to be creative and be the artists we want to be. We can then, in turn, be supportive to them when they are working on their projects. Its all about support and collaboration. 🙂




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