Happy Labor Day Everyone!

I hope that everyone has today off from work and is enjoying the day. We all work so hard during the year, its important to take at least one day to relax and just do nothing.
Doing nothing is actually a challenge for me. My friends always tease me about being such a “workaholic”. Its hard for me to just sit around and not be working on something, not planning my next big project.
But when we take time off from work and relax our minds and bodies, we ARE actually “doing something”. We are re-charging or batteries, we are refilling the well. Relaxing now is what is going to give me the strength and energy to keep going for the long-haul.
So, Im sitting here in my sisters beautiful new place (nope, not jealous, not at all)and its VERY quiet. As I sip on my tea and listen to the birds chirping outside, I am filled with a renewed spirit of calm and peace. Tomorrow will come soon enough. For now, I am just going to sit back and enjoy the moment. I hope you will too. 🙂



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