So I had my Equifit this morning. This was a follow up to the one I had last year. (its like a physical for grown-ups) I’ve come a long way since last year. I am happy. I still have a long way to go, but I am well on my way.

I had a new person this time, a guy, and he was telling me a lot of interesting things. I wish I’d had my notebook with me so that I could take notes. He was very inspiring and I am going to try to find a way to train with him. I’m not one of those people who are good at doing training on my own. I need someone there with me for motivation and guidance. Thats why I like classes so much.

One thing he told me was that the reason guys lose weight so much faster than women is that they have more muscle. And when you have more muscle, you can burn calories even when you are just sitting. So, I need to build more muscle.

We talked a lot about what Ive been doing in the past year, and he really stressed that my priority needs to be in strength training. That Im doing too much of the other stuff (cardio, flex,etc) and not enough of the strength…

He made me feel great about what I am doing so far though, stressing that its important to take care of our bodies while we are still young, because when we get older its often too late to reverse the damage. So he commended me on my efforts. 🙂

Working out for me is not so much about vanity as much as it is about health. Health has been a major issue for both of my parents and has caused a lot of strain on my family. I dont want to repeat their mistakes. So I really try hard to eat right (and limit the oreo intake) and work out regularly.

Another thing I really like about working out is that Im getting in touch with my inner athlete. I was a dancer growing up- and since I went to a performing arts school there were no sports teams. So now I am taking all of these classes and doing all of these things that I never got to do when I was growing up. I signed up for football this year with my friends (no one else seemed interested in basketball) so I am excited about that too (although a little nervous as well).

Look out Serena! Jaja….:)



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