Happy Tuesday!

Hi- I’m back! Did you miss me? šŸ™‚

Been getting a lot done over the past few days. Babysat on Saturday nite. Barter work on Sunday (one more month of coaching paid for!!) Audition yesterday. Emailed a director. Signed up for a new class starting next month. Cleaned and organized my place last nite. Personal training session this morning (ouch!). Work is going well.

I love this time of year so much, but one of the challenging parts about it is that there are almost too many opportunities out there. I feel overwhelmed by all of my options and have a hard time deciding which ones to choose. Everyday my inbox is flooded with messages about this class, or that show, or such and such activity. I want to do EVERYTHING because it all seems so great! New York City is just SATURATED with tons of all the best classes, workshops, and shows. I find myself pulled in a million different directions between work, gym, church, social, family and a milion other things. I feel like if I dont do it all, I will somehow be missing out on something.

One of the things I try to remind myself of is that its actually ok to say no to doing something. I dont have to feel obligated to do it all. That same class will be offered again next semester. That show will run for a couple of months. The gym is not going anywhere and theres no rush to meet my goals. That party will be fun for my friends even if I’m not there (well..)

The other thing I do , and I have to do this often, is to ask myself: “What do I really, really want? Where do I want to be one year from now?” And all of my decsions and choices will stem from the answer to that question. Which of these options is going to get me closer to my goals? Will this choice help me reach my goals, or get in the way of my goals?

After a lot of consideration, I think Ive finally come up with a plan for what I want my schedule to look like this fall. Ive made decisions about which classes and activities to say yes to, and which ones to pass on for another time.

How about you guys?



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  1. Oh yeah, totally understand the “too many options” problem. it’s so funny – I also feel like if I don’t do everything, I’ll be missing out on that ONE GREAT OPPORTUNITY to further my dream! lol But you’re right – it’s just a way to scatter your focus. Good blog! Vicki

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