OK- another show down. There were some glitches for sure..actually A LOT went wrong…but alot went right, too. And I’m choosing to focus on the good stuff. Like my friend said, “I got some practice, I enjoyed being on stage, end of story”. I also met some great people and developed some really important professional contacts.

Another great thing about it was that on the way back home from the show I rode the train with a magician that I met. The trip was an hour long and he kept me entertained the entire time. There were a lot of impressive tricks that he did, like card tricks and reading my mind. But the one trick he did that BLEW MY MIND was this one where he put a green ball in my hand and closed my fingers around it. He asked me to pick a number between 1 and five- and whatever number I picked- when I opened my hand again there were THAT MANY balls in my hand! He was no where NEAR my hand- so HOW DID HE DO THAT??!! Its driving me crazy! How did one ball magically turn into three balls??!! And of course, no matter how much I pleaded with him to tell me the secret- he wouldnt! Dont worry, I’ll figure this out if its the last thing I DO! 🙂

More later…hope you are all great- doing your FIVE THINGS….



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Voice Mail: (212) 802-8498 Legit — Meg Pantera: (212) 219-9330 Commercial/Print — Prestige Model Management: (212) 239-6784

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