I’ve been following the story of the trapped miners in Chile from the beginning. I cant even begin to imagine what that experience must have been like for those men. Can you imagine being in a dark, tiny space with over 30 other men for TWO MONTHS?? Just thinking about it gives me chills. I’ve been stuck in elevators before and I’m always an emotional wreck after that- but that is NOTHING in comparison to what these men have gone thru. I honestly think that even if i had food and water, that the simple feeling of being “trapped” would have been enough to make me lose it. I would have given myself a heart attack. All the oreos in the world couldnt comfort me.

I am so happy that they are finally being freed. I stayed up as late as I could last nite to watch them come up. It was being shown live on TV. I couldnt watch it all but I saw some of it. What strikes me so much about what Ive seen about them is their tranquility and calm. They seem so peaceful as they come out of that capsule. I wonder what is going on in their minds? What are they thinking? And how did they make it thru those two months??!!

I was thinking about this on my walk to work this morning. It certainly made my “issues” seem minor and insignificant in comparison….today I’m just going to keep those men in my thoughts…and every time I get stressed out about something, I’m going to remind myself that as bad as it may seem, I am not trapped in a mine…..



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