Patience is a virtue…we were up for four hours last nite and then another two today working on the trailer…my sister came over to see our work and I feel like I am back at square one. She’s the first one to have seen it and she had ALOT of input. We have a lot of changes to make if its going to accomplish what I want it to accomplish, namely to get people hooked on my film so that they can help me get it produced. We are still close to the end, but we are not there yet…almost…I am in awe about how much time, energy, and effort it takes just to complete one three minute trailer…

On a liter note, I gave in to the peer presssure of all my female friends who were raving about Steve Harveys Book on dating. I bought the book and read it, and I thought it was OK. The truth is that most of it was stuff that I already knew. And I actually think that the book has more to offer to MEN than to women. I already know that men should always pick up the check, open doors, show up on time, call when they says they are going to, etc…..its the men that dont know that… And they wonder why you lose interest in them,lol… Anyway, if you are looking for a lite and fun read its worth stopping by your local Barnes and Noble and picking it up. It was really funny and a nice break from the work routine.

This week I am going to a fundraising event that my good friends are having for their film. Tiff is my really good friend who was my first roomate in NYC- we’ve been friends forever and now she is married and has the cutest little boy! She and her husband have their own film production company. They are really supportive of me and my projects, and I love to support them as well.
Tomorrow I go to see my agent, and I have another editing session scheduled for Friday.

More tomorrow!! Sweet dreams!! šŸ™‚



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