Ten Things Thursday

Usually, when someone gives me a book to read, I get thru it pretty quickly. I’m a fast reader, always have been…its just something that I love to do and when I am really into the story, I cant put it down…but this book that we are reading is just so F***g boring!! Its like dragging my feet thru the mud!! I’m not going to name it here because I dont want to discredit the author or ruin it for others who might actually enjoy it- but in my humble opinion this book is a DRAG! Im more than half way thru the book and I keep asking myself- whats the STORY??? What is this book ABOUT??!!! Its got some pretty imagery and insightful ideas but theres no THRULINE…I’m not ROOTING for anyone yet or wondering whats going to happen next….ugh…

Anyway, all that to lead you to todays Ten Things Thursday List..Enjoy!! πŸ˜‰


1) The Artists Way– by Julia Cameron. If you live in NYC and you are an artist, and you HAVENT read this book, you need to stop what you are doing and go get a copy of it. Now. I’m serious. If you have made a commitment to being an artist and you REALLY want to succeed- you need this book. You can borrow mine if you like. Just get a copy of it and start the tasks today. Its a self-help type of book that gives you tools and practices to do every day so that you are constantly making strides towards your artistic goals.

2) Effortless Mastery– by Kenny Werner. You know how sometimes when you “get your pretty on” and go to a party/event and you don’t meet any hot guys? And then when you are all gross and sweaty from a gym workout and you are in a tshirt and sweats and your hair is in a bun and you are wearing your glasses, THATS when you get hit on???!! There’s a reason for that…its because you are not looking or trying…you are just being yourself…and thats what this book talks about….about how when we stop TRYING to be such a great artist and make all of these grandiose plans for our careers, and just sit back and let the artist within us free to just do what it knows how to do- THATS when we succeed. This is a great book and it comes with a relaxation CD….

3) STORY– by Robert Mckee. More of a book for the writers among us…but even if you are not a writer, its a good read. It really breaks down the process of screenwriting…this is the book that helped me get my screenplay written..(and re-written, and re-written again..) It helps you to develop really strong characters, it helps you know what order to put your scenes in, its got great examples…if you are a writer you should buy this book…

4) A Dream of Passion– by Lee Strasberg. The definitive book on Method Acting… Read it my first year in college and still like to look thru it once in a while for a refresher…

5) The Oxford Shakespeare -The Complete Works….Got this as a birthday present last year…comes in very handy…its big and heavy..so you cant really lug it around the city…but its a great edition with info and tips…

6) The Actors Encyclopedia of Casting Directors: Karen Kondazian. Great resource book. We should all know who does the casting for our favorite shows, and be keeping them up to date about our projects. Also, when you get called in for an audition for a casting director that you dont know yet, you can go to this book and read up on them, what they’ve done, etc. You will be more informed and prepared when you go into the audition. πŸ™‚

7) The Screenwriters Legal Guide– by Stephen Breimer. Another birthday present. …”whats a treatment”, “whats an option agreeement”, “should I sign a release form”, “whats a non-disclosure agreement?”…answers to these questions and more in this book…

8) The Art of Dramatic Writing– by Lajos Egri- BASIC!! If you are a writer…you probably already know this book…

9) True and False– by David Mamet….Another point of view on acting and technique. It contradicts a lot of other techniques like Meisner and the Method….but offers some interesting ideas that are worth exploring as an actor…

10) Seven Keys to Success Without Struggle– by Penelope Brackett.
Written by my coach- who I’ve worked with for five years now. GREAT BOOK. Here’s a teaser for you:


The seven keys are:
1) Declare your goal
2) Make a plan
3) Get a life
4) Provide Excellent Service
5) Seek Support
6) Build Relatiosnhips
7) Maintain Consistency.  

Thats all folks!! Have a great day!! πŸ™‚




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