Wednesday Nov 3, 2010

I couldnt get my pics to download from my camera. So, sorry, no Halloween pics. But, if you want to use your imaginations…I was Cleopatra, (I am told the Egyptian look becomes me) my friend Pablo was a Rasta-man, Charlene was Mario (from Nintendo), there was a Harry Potter figure, a court jester (or something)..anyway I had a great time and ate entirely too much candy.. .and its always fun to see all of the kids dressed up and give them candy…

Had an audition today for a restaurant commercial. Fun stuff. Love it when they pair you up with other actors and you have to instantly create a family. Makes improv so much easier and gives you a lot more to work with…. my “husband” was way taller than me, so I had to keep looking up at him then back to the camera, and then find a way to include “my kids” in it too, although they had no lines…

So, heres a fun little story for your reading enjoyment– last nite I was working a “double” and so “f##**” tired, so I’m kind of in this zone as I approach this table. I look up as I get there and Im about to go into my schpeel (sp?) -there were these three guys seated there. The one to the right is not only gorgeous, I feel like I know him from somewhere. And I start to wonder if maybe he’s famous….I swear I’ve seen him before. So I try to keep focused on doing my job but Im distracted in a MAJOR way. I get some co-workers to look at the table and sure enough, they are well-known actors from television. So we had fun drooling, I mean waiting on them all… They were soo nice and friendly and they tipped me a ridiculous amount. Kind of a nice way to end the nite…

More tomorrow…sweet dreams!


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