So, I booked the commercial! Hurray!! So excited!! Wardrobe fitting tomorrow and we shoot on Thursday. Its not a national- and I was hoping it would be- but its a start..step by step…I wonder if I will actually see this one- I did a Walmart commercial earlier this year and saw all of them except mine! Did any of you see me in a Walmart commercial? I’m selling cell phones to teenage girls??…anyway- this one Im doing is for a restaurant chain….

Tonite was the first nite of my artists small group- we were a very small group (three of us) and I am hoping we get bigger thruout the year. I am excited because this year we all agree that we want the group to be more of a “salon” – where we all bring stuff to share with each other (dances, monologues, violin pieces, etc) and get feedback on our work… in addition to talking and sharing about our week….we are even exploring the idea of putting together a show in the spring… fun stuff…

So, football has come to an end. Sadly, my team did not make the playoffs. šŸ˜¦
But I can honestly say that I had fun with this- which was the primary reason that I did it. I wanted to try something I had never tried before, and I did. I will take a couple of weeks off and then look at some of the options for the next round ..rumor has it that water polo might be the next one we do… I’m thinking I’ll probably be a little better at that…:)

I did my five things today, and also deleted the boys number, cuz “I aint no holla back girl”…lol

Stay warm people!!



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