Today a good friend of mine really hurt my feelings and made me want to cry. 😦 Argh!! The funny thing is that I dont even think he knows he hurt me. He just said something w/out really thinking it thru first.
I know that in my post last week one of the things I said I want to get better at is being less sensitive, so I guess here is my first opportunity to practice that. Its also an opportunity for me to practice the way I speak to my friends so that I dont make them feel this way. So here’s to brushing it off and keeping the flow going. πŸ™‚

I continue to work hard at my trailer. Its a challenge to work consistently on it while at the same time juggling other obligations like work, moves, family/friends, and life in general. One of the things I realized that was holding me back was that since I used a voiceover, I was sort of becoming a slave to it, trying to match images to what the words of the voice over were saying. So we’ve begun to mute out the voiceover and focus only on image. I’m also finding that every session, I get a new idea and want to change everything!! πŸ™‚

I remember being in the editing room with LD when we working on Precious. It was soo tedious. I am trying to apply his technique with my project. He focused on every possible detail. He didnt care how long it took, how many sessions we had to do. He didnt stop until it was EXACTLY what he wanted. And so it must be…

I’ve waited on some famous people at work in the past few weeks, which is always exciting. I try not to “sweat” famous people too much, because at the end of the day, they are just people, like you and I. I learned this during my time LD. You spend enough time with all of these famous people and you begin to see that they are not quite the gods we can sometimes make them out to be. Even still, though, its a little hard to wait on these stars and not have your vocie get a little shaky when you are telling them what the specials of the day are. πŸ™‚

I saw Due Date last week, silly movie but funny. Check it out if you are feeling the stress of the holidays and need to take a breather.

O- and beginning today, I will end each blog entry with a quote. A little food for thought as you go thru your day:

“If nothing changes, nothing changes”.

Have a great day and stay warm.



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