How familiar is this scenario?

How familiar is this scenario? 🙂

I was at an audition yesterday, one of those auditions where you walk into the room and your heart sinks. There are what looks to be a million people waiting to be seen, and they are all drop dead gorgeous. You started the day feeling pretty good about yourself: your hair is cooperating, you have your favorite outfit on, you found the place with no problem. You think to yourself, “this is gonna be a breeze, I’ll be in an out in no time”.

NOT! The wait time is at least 45 minutes, and during that time you do everything you can to distract yourself so that you’re not focusing on all of the competition…you read, you listen to your ipod, get some water, get some more water…until finally, mercifully, they call your name. 🙂

It wasnt all bad though, which is why I chose to blog about it. The good thing was that at this audition, I ran into an old friend of mine from college. I actually hadnt even recognized her, she called out to me. I couldnt beleive it was her. She looked the same, but different. (I know, that makes no sense, but thats the best way I can describe it). So we spent some time just catching up, seeing what we each had been up to in the past few years, sharing what we knew about other friends whereabouts. So many of them have dropped out of the business and chose to get married and start families…

The thing about these moments, moments when you run into people from your past, is that they somehow make you feel less like a number. They are a reminder of who I am, what I do, and where I come from. They make me feel connected and grounded, like I am a part of something. Even after a lot of time has passed. Not just a random person walking aimlessly thru life.They also remind me that I am not alone in this journey, that they are out there pounding the pavement, just like I am.

I met another actress friend for lunch the other day too, and I remember feeling the same way. That feeling of support and community. I felt uplifted and inspired after my meeting with her.

Hope you guys have a chance to meet up with some old friends and get that same affirmation, and maybe give it to someone else. Makes a great gift. 🙂

I’m off to go buy a new phone- I lost mine last nite, which really sucks because it means Ive lost all of my contacts phone numbers… sigh…




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