Thursday Thoughts

“Ten Things” coming up next, but first….a few thoughts…

Last week I was running late for work and the bus was taking a really long time. I decided to take a taxi to make sure I got there on time, and this old lady with a ton of shopping bags asked if I would share it with her, as she was headed in the same direction. I grudgingly agreed (I’m super insecure around strangers, even if its just to take a cab, and I thought she was going to hold me up and make me late). Turns out, this woman is an acting teacher and she was on her way to a rehearsal for an upcoming show that she was directing. She told me all about what she does, and about the show, and she invited me to go see it. And when we got to her stop, she was actually the one who insisted on paying the cab fare!!!

I ended up going to see her show yesterday, and it was so good. Granted, it wasnt a Broadway level production, but it was really enjoyable nevertheless. The cast consisted of men and women over the age of 70, all performing songs from famous Broadway shows. My favorite was this one guys rendition of “Some Enchanted Evening”. So touching!! It was such a nice treat to beable to get out of the cold for a little while and just enjoy these simple yet heartfelt performances.

Julia Cameron talks alot about “synchronicity”- about things happening little “miracles”. She says that when we are doing the right things, and thinking the right way, that we automatically set this synchronicty in motion. Another term you could use, I guess, is karma. “What you give out comes back to you.” I’ve found this to be true thruout my life… almost all of my “breaks” in the biz, as well as in life, have happened in surprising and unexpected ways.

Someone recently made me question my ideals and doubt myself. He was responding to an action I took that was to help another person out, because I was concerned about him and wanted to help in some way. I gave up something of mine in order to help him out.The guy who made me question myself said that it was not a smart move, that you have to “look out for yourself first” and that “he woudlnt have done the same for you”.

Of course, I know that he is absolutely right. That guy probably wouldnt have done the same for me… its a “dog- eat-dog” world out there. Most people woudlnt think twice about stepping on one person to get ahead.
At the same time, is that what really matters? Should that be what determines whether or not we do good things for others? Does the fact that “most people” wouldnt have done that mean that I should be like most people??
Well, I dont think I want to be like “most people”. And I dont want to be led by a “what will I get out of it?” mentality.
Its Christmas, and we are celebrating the birth of Christ….Christ, who most certainly was not led by a “what will I get out of it?” mentality…. who gave his life for us….and are we not called to follow His example?

OK…off to do my five things…have a great day everyone!! 🙂



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