Ten Things Thursday- Last one for 2010!!!

Ten Things I Was Reminded of by Being Stuck in the Blizzard this week!!

1) Patience is a virtue. A Mother**!!!??? virtue!!
2) There ARE good people left in this world. Lots of them!
3) That our city’s leaders do not take care of boroughs outside of Manhattan in the same way. THREE DAYS!!! THREE MF**!! days until our streets were plowed and busses started running again!!!
4) That the cool thing about situations like these is that you meet people you wouldnt ordinarily meet, and sometimes they end up being really cool people!! πŸ™‚
5) That some people are better at handling stressful situations than others.
6) I am deeply loved and cared about by many, many people.
7) That despite whatever challenges I may face, now or in the future, that there are people out there who have it much, much worse.
8) That I should always, always, ALWAYS trust my instincts and NEVER trust anyone or anything that contradicts them.
9) That sometimes people exploit the unfortunate plight of others to benefit themselves. 😦
10) That sometimes people can surprise you with generosity, compassion, and kindness!!! (I’m choosing to focus on them!!!! Hope you will too!)

Stay warm and safe people!!



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