Thursday Thoughts

Hey Peeps!! How’s life in the New Year so far?? Hope you are all off to a great start!!!

The other nite I went to see my friend JA perform in an improv show. It was awesome!! He and his classmates were soo good!! Think, ‘Whose line is it Anyway?” only better!!
I think that improv is such an amazing skill. And this particular group was a musical theater improv group- so they were improv’ng not only lines but songs and choreography. It was hilarious!! They start out by asking a volunteer from the audience to share some information- like where they are from or what they did last nite- and they take that small bit of information and make a mini- musical out of it. What I like about this type of theater is that its so interactive- the audience is a real part of it and everyone has so much fun! Its like a party!

This group was from the Magnet Theater Company – located on 29th Street and 8th Ave. They offer a FREE Intro to Improv Class, which I plan on checking out. You should too!! We all like Free!!! πŸ™‚
I’m also prepping for my Shakespeare Gym Class, which also offers a FREE introductory class– so check it out!! My class will be looking at Hamlet, and we start on the 18th…

In other news, I’ve met two of my new students. I like them so far. Its so touching to see how excited they are to see you, how eager to please … I am touched by the simplicity and goodness of these families… how much they care for their children and want to see them succeed. Of course, I have yet to meet my male students, and I am sure that in my next blog I will be singing a different tune… Male students (especially in highschool) are soo much harder… but Im hoping that I luck out this year….I am also sometimes shocked by the living conditions of some of my students….I’ve never lived in a doorman building or a ten-story house, but some of these places make the places Ive lived in look like mansions. Its very,very humbling…

Im so glad that the storm has passed- and getting around the city is so much easier now. Hopefully the snow on its way this weekend wont be nearly as bad…

So, here’s todays thought for the day. I’ve heard it a million times and dont know who wrote it or said it, but It has always resonated with me. Hope you can take it with you into your day today:

Life isnt about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.


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