Ten Things Thursday

Ten Things I Like About My Support Jobs :

1) Waitressing: Being on my feet and in constant motion (as opposed to seated at a desk in front of a computer)
2) Waitressing: Seeing new and interesting people every day and observing them in different situations (dates, business meetings, reunions…)
3) Waitressing : Immediate gratification at the end of the shift.
4) Babysitting: Spending time with kids, getting to know the familis, seeing them grow.
5) Tutoring: Helping them to get better in school, seeing them smile when they finally understand something. Listening to them talk so excitedly about their day. Seeing their progress and knowing that I was a part of that.
6) Tutoring: Getting to know the families of my students. They are all such great resources for my writing. Observing their lives is fascinating to me and teaches me so much about society, humanity, class and education…
7) Tutoring and Waitressing: Flexibility in schedule. Ability to accept/not accept a shift, or get coverage when needed so that I can go to an audition or class…
8) Tutoring : Autonomy. Being the leader of the project. Being my own boss.
9) Coat Check/Front Door at the River- Getting paid to party!!! Dancing, drinking, socializing and having fun… 🙂




About Jennica Carmona

Voice Mail: (212) 802-8498 Legit — Meg Pantera: (212) 219-9330 Commercial/Print — Prestige Model Management: (212) 239-6784

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