Ten Things Thursday 01/20/2011

Wow- 91 posts so far!! Not bad!!! I’ve been doing this consistently for six months now!! Go me!! πŸ™‚

Ten Reasons I Cant Wait for the Winter to Be Over Already!!!

1) Longer days- I HATE that it gets dark so early.
2) The COLD!! (‘nuf said)
3) Having to wear so many freakin layers just to leave the house.
4) Wet feet- no matter how many socks I am wearing and how supposedly waterproof my boots are!
5) Slower transportation/harder to get around from one place to another
6) Constantly Sick (despite the layering, theraflu, and teas galore)
7) Having to be indoors most of the time- not out in the fresh air, walking….
8) Cravings for “comfort foods” that make you feel warm but that you regret eating once the spring is here.
9) Dealing with peoples crabbiness
10) Cancellations/Rescheduling that Interrupts my progress/plans.

That being said, have a great day anyway!! Spring will be be here soon enough!!



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