10 Things I’m grateful for…

I am Jennica’s friend and she asked me to post this week. So I’m the guest blogger this week. Well this is my 10 Things Thursday.

  1. my children
  2. having a job, a place to live & food on my table
  3. being fluent in two languages & wanting to learn several others
  4. having had a grandmother who taught me all I know about faith
  5. whatever gifts I’ve received from God (talents)
  6. having OCD, ADD & BPD although I’ve got lots of trouble in social environments
  7. knowing and understanding my human limitations — especially my lack of faith
  8. having two cool sisters & a weird brother
  9. having found a church I can feel comfortable in (FAPC)
  10. God, faith, religion, etc.

– frankie (n00b)


About Frank Olvera

After struggling for decades with faith and manic depression, Frank Olvera (aka “The Christian Noob”) finally decided to work on stories that remained dormant in various notebooks and disks — now releasing his third book, The Daydreamer (ASIN B016P42S22; ISBN-13 978-1517144913; ISBN-10 1517144914), mixing reality and fantasy with a healthy dose of the Christian beliefs. He is also the author of the Under the Thelian Sky science fiction trilogy (ASIN B00GTQBY04; ISBN-10 1494232286; ISBN-13 978-1494232283) and How to Make Enemies in Politics in 3 Easy Steps: Annoying Liberals for Fun (ASIN B012OYIVBE; ISBN-10 1515105873; ISBN-13 978-1515105879). He holds degrees in audio engineering and computer science. He has also been involved in other fields such as education and journalism. He has published several websites with information ranging from music to technologies to wrestling to religion and politics, for which he received several awards and recognition from several entities in each of the different fields. He has also received several awards for poetry. As a science fiction writer, he has been heavily influenced by Doctor Who (BBC, 1963-1989, 1996, 2005-present), James Bond (MGM, 1962-present), Star Wars Episode IV (20th Century Fox, 1977) and V (1980) and Star Trek (CBS Studios, 1966-1969) and TNG (1987-1994). As a political commentator and satirist, he holds conservative values including advocacy for the disabled. Growing up Catholic, he found many aspects that he did not understand or care for in Catholicism. Hence he strayed for about thirteen years. He finally returned to the Church in the fall of 2008 choosing a Presbyterian church instead. Nowadays he neither considers himself Catholic anymore nor Presbyterian for that matter — just Christian. He has since also been an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church. He lives in New York with his wife and children.

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  1. Thanks for posting Francisco!! And thanks for creating my beautiful website for me!!

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