Officially a Brooklyn girl now

So, I am officially a Brooklyn girl now !! Woohoo!! I waited on many tables to be able to sign that lease, but it was soo worth it!

So far I love my new place. Its quiet and residential, but not far from the train…. Its not too small and not too big. Just right! It will take me a couple of weeks to get it all set up- but when I do, I am going to throw a housewarming party!! Who’s coming? 🙂

I am loving my Shakespeare class at MTC. I presented my Ophelia monologue last week… got some great feedback and great suggesstions about where to take it. This week we are looking at the “nunnery scene”….

I ate an OBSCENE amount of food at the Superbowl party on Sunday — really — it should be a crime. But I had fun and got to watch REAL football for a while…back on the “eat right” wagon now…and OMG how freakin AMAZING was the halftime show!!???

Ok- so you know how some teachers have this saying that “every no gets you closer to the yes“….. that you should go on as many auditions as you can without concerning yourself about whether or not you book it?……..and that you shoudl actually be happy if you dont book it because that means that you are that much closer to the “yes”?…well I’m doing this thing with my friend Joel where we are going to try to go to 100 auditions in one year….without worrying about the result- just focusing on showing up and doing our best, and then moving on to the next one…the primary goal is to log in 100 auditions by this time next year! A friend of his did this and actually ended up booking a lot of work!! So, we are going to give this a shot and see what happens.

I have TWO to report so far: One was for a new Deniro film called Suck City or something like that….they called me in for this role of a young latina mom who is walking home with her daughter..she sees her “crazy neighbor” and, (in Spanish) tells her daughter to stay away from that “crazy man”… It was a great audition!! We did about ten takes of it because the casting director was really takign her time and giving me notes and direction on what the scene required..After the final take she gave me this satisfied grin and goes, “That was the one!!”…I left the roon KNOWING that I had kicked ass…
The second one was not so exciting- some print ad for a famous colorful powedered beverage (that begins with a K) where i had to stick out my tongue and make all sorts of silly faces…

Thats all I got for now peeps!! later!!


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