Ten Things I love about Working Out

  1. The feeling of my heart racing, blood rushing thru my veins. I can breathe deeper and feel relaxed after a workout.
  2. Lifts my spirits and my mood (especially in the winter)
  3. Physical results (defined and toned)
  4. Knowing that I am doing something good for my body. Preventing disease in the future.
  5. Knowing that I Inspire others to do the same.
  6. Builds my confidence. Sense of accomplishment.
  7. I have more energy and can more easily focus on my projects and tasks.
  8. Its a great outlet for stress and frustration. (I’ve punched a lot of people out in my classes!!! ) 🙂
  9. Being part of a team with the other people in the class.
  10. The Music!! (without which I would NEVER get thru a workout!)

About Jennica Carmona

Voice Mail: (212) 802-8498 Legit — Meg Pantera: (212) 219-9330 Commercial/Print — Prestige Model Management: (212) 239-6784

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