Ten Things I like so far about living in Brooklyn

  1. my 100th post celebrationNot far from BAM
  2. Closer to some of my friends
  3. Quiet neighborhood (no more subway drilling or cars beepingat 6am!)
  4. Closer to train…easy commute
  5. Multi-cultural neighborhood
  6. Just being somewhere completely new-discovering things and seeing the world with wide,open eyes again…
  7. The view from the bridge on the train ride home, especially at nite.
  8. My forced withdrawal from Starbucks, since unlike Manhattan, I dont see one on every block! On the other hand, I do see DD on every block….
  9. Close enough to the city/action when I need to be there,(like Union Square) but also knowing that my quieter more relaxed new ‘hood is just a quick subway ride away…
  10. Not far from Coney Island. 🙂

About Jennica Carmona

Voice Mail: (212) 802-8498 Legit — Meg Pantera: (212) 219-9330 Commercial/Print — Prestige Model Management: (212) 239-6784

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