something is really clicking with me and this Ophelia/Hamlet scene. I felt really “on” in class last nite. Being asked to really physicalize (sp?) my intention added a new dimension to the scene that wasnt there before. There is an intensity about that scene, so much subtext, that you would never guess about at first glance. Its a strange combination of seduction, pleading, and pushing away…that whole twisted mix of being told by someone you are in love with to “get to a nunnery” – that mix of hurt, disbelief, and desperation….and it totally paves the way for her “o what a noble mind” speech….
i also learned alot by watching one of my classmates work last nite- she was working on hamlets speech “o that this too, too solid flesh would melt”….the first time she did it, she was almost yelling and her pain was really “out there”, as if to say, “hey guys, im in a lot of pain, so listen to me cry about it”…whereas the second time she did it, she simply sat in a chair and spoke calmly to us… it was sooo much easier to sympathize with her the second time around. Her pain seemed more genuine and deep-rooted, whereas the first time it seemed like a passing moment of frustration…..

I have one more audition to add to my log- it was for a commercial for a long distance phone company. I played an EMT worker who was carrying this injured guy into the ambulance and reassuring him that everything was going to be ok. It was fun- we did two takes. No copy, just all improv. Only 97 more to go!!! 🙂

The spring is coming!!!! Hurray!!!



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