Screenplay Sketch

LOUD MUSIC and TV can be heard from next door. NEIGHBORS come in and out. There is a BARE TABLE, TWO CHAIRS, and a BOTTLE OF WATER on the table. The paint on the walls is peeling.

At the end of the table sits SAMMY, an 8 y/old Mexican boy. He is short and chubby, with huge brown eyes and a sweet smile. He wears a ratty t-shirt and sweats. He radiates an essence that is a strange combination of youthful innocence and adult-like wariness. His WORKBOOK is in front of him, as well as several pens and pencils.

Seated to Sammy’s left is JEREMY, an African American teacher in his mid 40’s. He is kind, yet firm. He attempts to keep Sammy’s attention on the lesson, despite the distractions.

Sammy, is this story told from the First Person or Third Person?

Uuumm..Third Person?

No, Sammy, thats not correct.

O, no, I meant First Person. Sorry.

We went over this yesterday, do you remember?

I know, I’m sorry, I forgot. I’m sorry. I’m doing my best.

Sammy, I need you to work harder on your own. I need you to work on this, even when I am not here.

OK, I’m sorry. I will try harder.

Stop saying I’m sorry. You dont have to be sorry. You just need to work harder.

Si, pero es que…es que…
A pause. Struggling to compose himself, Sammy finally gives in and lets the tears roll down his face. Jeremy puts a hand on his shoulder.

Que? can tell me..I will understand…yo te entiendo…

Es que, cuando estoy estudiando, no puedo concentrarme, porque me preocupo de mi familia.

Porque? Que esta pasando con tu familia?

Es que…mi mama y mi papa siempre estan peleando…el bebe mucho y siempre esta gritando…una vez se fue por mucho tiempo, y mi mama estaba bien teniamos con que comprar comida o pagar la renta….por fin regreso, pero al rato ya estaban peleando de nuevo. Cuando trato de concentrarme en mi trabajo, entran memorias de las peleas….y no puedo seguir…

to be continued…


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