a pleasant surprise

This past weekend I got a pleasant surprise — an old friend from highschool was visiting NYC with her family from Rochester. They stayed the weekend at my sisters place and by some strange stroke of luck — i was actually not working that day. So I got to hang out with them and do the “touristy” things that visitors always want to do.

Its always so funny to be with non- new yorkers…what we see or do on a daily basis is a real “treat” for them… like riding the subway, or eating really good pizza. In a way, its sort of refreshing, it reminds you of just how cool our city is… people with funky hair or really weird ways of dressing are the norm for us..to them its the biggest deal… Of course they had done their research and thanks to a show called “Man v. Food“, they knew exactly where they wanted to eat — so we we went to an amazing pizza place in the village called Lombardi’s and later to this Indian place that apparently has the spiciest dish in the city. If you are able to actually eat the entire dish (which few people are actually able to do) you win a certificate and a free beer. My friend was determined to take the challenge and she actually did it!! I have posted some pictures of this heroic event below. πŸ™‚

It was great being able to hang out with my friend- we all agreed that despite all of the time that has passed since highschool, when we get together its like nothing ever changed. We still remember the same things, laugh at the same jokes, and although our lives have taken us in different directions, there is and always will be that bond between us. And soda will always be “pop”!!

Diane, Jess & Jenn

Diane, Jess & Jenn

Diane, Jess, Jenn & others



Diane, Jess & Jenn


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  1. Sharing good times with a friend, how could it get much better?

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