so last nite in class

Ok, so last nite in class was sooo fun!! I was a little bummed at first because my scene partner wasnt able to make it, and we had put alot into rehearsals and i was all geared up to do our scene…but I ended up having a great time anyway…we all worked on the “play within the play” scene…we had all been assigned different roles ahead of time and we sort of broke the scene up into chunks and worked on them individually…then, at the end, we put it all together…

The role of Hamlet was divided between two actors, and interestingly enough, both of them were women…since Hamlet is acting pretty “crazy” in this scene, a lot of it was actually pretty funny. (“I am diseased”) Some of us were imagining what a modern production of Hamlet would look like, maybe with Jay Z in the role of Hamlet and P Diddy in the role of Claudius…I was Guildentstern…theres this great dialogue that goes on between Hamlet and Guildentstern where Hamlet is insisting that Guildentstern play his flute, and Guildentstern refuses, saying that he doesnt know how, but Hamlet insists that he does, and then compares playing a flute to “playing” him… its funny how that line didnt really strike me until last nite…when we were in the scene..its actually a pretty deep accusation…

Only one more class left… this eight weeks has flown by… taking a voice class next because I really miss singing and want to start doing it again….

Have a great day everyone!!! And in the words of Polonius, “to thine own self be true!”… 🙂



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  1. Learning and enjoying seem almost opposites but you have managed to do both. A very positive way of doing things.

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