new boyfriend

I have a new boyfriend! His name is BlackBerry. Hehe…

A coworker got a new phone and had no use for his old one so gave it to! This is the coolest thing ever!! Ive been wanting a fancy schmancy phone for a while now, too, but didnt want to pay all that money for it… this thing is like a mini computer. I can do everything on it! πŸ™‚ Hurray! I’ve now become one of “those” know, the ones who cant take their eyes off their phones.. who reach for their phone before they have even left the train station… It will take me a while to learn how to use it but I am having fun with it!!

I met my new student… 11th grade, not a word of English… this is gonna be an interesting 2 months…but at least he’s polite and respectful…

last nite of Shakespeare tmrw, then on to voice class..ive been assigned “Somewhere” to start with…. should be fun…

I may be guest bartending at the River in the next few weeks! If I do it, I will post the dates/times here so you can all come and order from me (easy drinks, please!).


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