last nite of Shakespeare gym

Last nite was so much fun — it was the last nite of Shakespeare gym and we all got up there one last time… I was so inspired by my classmates…to see their work and development of the characters over the past 8 weeks…and as a “graduation” present we all got mugs that had Shakespeare gym and pic of him on it.. very cute! We talked alot about the play and about the true character of Hamlet last nite, and one thing that stood out was when we compared Laertes reaction to his fathers death to Hamlets reaction to his fathers death. Laertes comes back ready to kill Claudius on the spot, without even thinking twice about it. Whereas Hamlet spends ages just brooding over his fathers death and debating whether or not to take vengeance… he even has a chance to kill Claudius in that one scene where he is kneeling down and praying — but he doesnt do it… why? what holds him back…? It was also fun to play around with the grave digger scene…. the clown is a real “ditz” and hes pretty funny…
We went out to celebrate afterwards with drinks and food, and at some point during the nite, the decision was made that we will do King Lear next! I am so excited about that because Lear is my favorite Shakespeare play. Hurray!
BAM is doing a sh**load of Shakespeare plays over the next couple of months, and I need to get out and see some of them.

I havent given much thought yet to what I want to focus on this Lenten season, todays Ash Wed)…. but I will think about it today and post on this later.. have a great day everyone!

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