So I was doing a random search on google tonite in search of  a good topic for Ten Things Thursday…I had the idea of looking up other peoples experiences with being a PK. I was really surprised by how much I found! There was a whole Facebook page  dedicated to it…

I’ve compiled a list below that is a combination of my experiences and as well as those of others that I found on the Internet. Hope you enjoy reading it !

Ten Worst Parts of Being a PK

1)    I think the hardest part of being a pk is knowing how unselfish you have to be as such a young age. I know that I grew up a lot faster than I should have b/c I was a pk. The feeling that the whole church is watching you makes you act older than you are. I’m still not sure how I feel about that.  Emily

2)      The one thing I really hate is when u say something and people are like “oh wow I can’t even picture u thinking that haha your so innocent” when really I see and hear just as much crap as they have!   Nathan
3)       There really is quite a list, in no particular order:
*Being “so-and-so’s” kid or simply a PK, not yourself
*Not really understanding if PK has a good or bad meaning ofr other people
*The “perfect, know it all” expectation
*Dad’s frustration over things he can’t tell me
*Things I can’t tell other people
*Either not having Dad around or going with him to hours of Committee meetings
*Moving alot
…and in my case one of the worst…Weddings!
There are a few more, but this covers most of my current vent 🙂
As it so happens, most of the time I kinda enjoy being a PK.  Maggie

4)       Some People expect me to be perfect and never screw up or act HUMAN or anything. Dylan 

5)       When you tell someone your a PK they immediately think you’re some kind of holy freak and stop talkingn to you. they also assume that you have no money, very few friends, your church is boring, music is from hymn books, and everything they tell you will be announced in some sort of “confession” that your church doesn’t actually have. Kirah

6)       Having random people comment on your appearance when their opinion is completely unsolicited (ie. they don’t like your haircut/color, “you sure have gained weight”, etc.)  Stacey

7)       i hate being perceived as someone who should be “pure” and do everything right…I MESS UP ALL THE TIME. and i have the worst temper and i have come so close to hitting a few people…Jesse

8)       People that you know for a long time that don’t know you are a PK and then you “accidentally” tell them and thelook/comment” they give you. Thus explaining why you didn’t want them to know you were a PK in the first place. Whatever we were doing was okay but now that you know I’m a PK I’m somehow different?! Andrea

9)       Not being allowed to go to certain parties or allowed to hang with certain people (me)

10)    The pressure to always do right and not “disgrace” my parents or make them look bad. (me)

TEN Best parts of being a PK (these are all me)

1)      Sense of Community, Family, Safety, and Trust. Everyone knows who you are (O- that’s so and so’s daughter….)

2)      Being taught to have compassion, to  forgive,and  to have  patience for all people  from a very young age.

3)      Being taught  from a very young age that my identity or self-worth  doesn’t come from grades, awards, clothes, guys, money,  success or anything else.

4)      Being exposed to people/cultures other than my own and who’s walk in life is very different from my own, in particular to those in prison and the extremely poor.

5)      A Plethora of recommendation letters, referrals, and  partial scholarships to help me go to college! ! Lol

6)      Being surrounded my entire life by positive role models, both at home and at church.

7)      Having an in-built support system of people who have seen me thru challenging times ,and  guided me in the right direction..

8)       Being taught the importance of service and activism.

9)      Protected from the Bullies because they knew they’d get in trouble for messing with the PK. J

10)   Being instilled with a strong sense of right and wrong, a strong work ethic, and a strong faith.


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