Tonite was absolutely amazing. I had such a great time. One of those nites when “untouchable hollywood” doesn’t seem so untouchable afterall. My friends short as well as a trailer she completed was screened at this event in lower manhattan. It was so great to see her and support her in her project. I love v so much for her artistic integrity and dedication to her craft. I met so many cool people who are also artists (in various forms) and was so motivated and inspired. Community and support are so very important when it comes to what we do. I spent a whole nite talking and freakin having dinner at the same table with this star from law and order. He was so freakin cool and down to earth and supportive. He was asking my friend all about her project and took down her info, I just know that he’s gonna help her get it made. I bet her five dollars that she would be hearing from him really soon. I am so happy for her and all of the positive feedback that she got. The venue itself was amazing. The place was super fancy schmancy, but not in a W hotel “noveau riche” kinda way but in a classy, historical kinda way. Like “pride and prejudice” coulda been shot there. The dinner part of the evening was in this huge room with a fireplace and all of these sofas everywhere. And we all talked about everything in the biz and exchanged funny stories. took pics but I’m on the train now so I will post tmrw. Anyway, I was brave and courageous and I networked and l hope to have my screening there next month,ojala. And on the way home v and I were talking about how what we thought would be just a casual little screening at some little restrnt downtown ended up being this amazing nite, and how its actually better that we didn’t know who all would be there because then we wouldn’t have been ourselves, we woulda been all nervous…anyway that’s it for now and I will post more tmrw. Jenn


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