Im really enjoying voice class. This is my third week in and so far so good. It feels so good to use my voice again, to learn new songs, and to be with other singers. Its being taught by a woman who also happens to be a good friend of mine. In addition to the vocal techniques, she also weaves in a lot of “life lessons” into the class that I think we all need to be reminded of, no matter how old we speaking with another student, who was struggling with “what she sounded like” , she shared with the class that she studied with Kristin Chenoweth, and that for years she would compare herself to  her and wish for her career (dont we all?)…but that we need to realize that we all have our own gifts and our own journeys… and that we need to focus on that…so true…

Prior to the class, we were assigned to pick a singer whose work we admire. We were to research that artist and watch some of their recent performances. Then in class, during the warmup, we closed our eyes and visualized that artist, and we “free-associated” words and phrases that related to that artist. I’ve been pretty obsessed with Alice Ripley for a while so I was using her as my artist. So you basically speak out various terms (without stopping)  and after a few minutes you try to incorporate some of those qualities or essences into yourself and to your body… and when you open your eyes you try to keep some of those qualities and essences inside of you as you work.

We have an informal recital coming up next month, and I’m doing “Somewhere” fom West Side….I’ll post deets as we get closer to the date. I got to see the recital of the other class last nite, they were awesome.  The final singer busted into some dancing at the end of her song, it was great.

Tonite my good friend is having her shrot film screened in a shorts festival. I am going and cant wait to see it. I will post about it soon…

Seriously, its snowing? I thought we were finally done with that! Sigh… well, have a good day everyone..keep on keepin on….



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