ten things thursday

Happy Thursday everyone!! I have an audition to write about, but first, today’s Ten Things Thursday:

Ten Things that seem strange or weird to me or that I just don’t get:

1) Why dogs tinkle in a bunch of different places in stead of letting it all out in one spot. ( A friend of mine sort of explained it to me last nite, but it still seems funny to me.)
2) Why NYC buses don’t take bills.
3) Why guys can be so clueless sometimes.
4) Why the Kardashians are famous.(Or, maybe the question should be, why people WATCH the Kardashians)
5) Why, given the fact that this is 2011 and technology has made learning about another country as simple as typing in a search on google,some people from other countries STILL don’t know that in this country it is standard and customary to tip 20 percent if you are happy with your service. And that if a server comes over to you and asks if everything was alright and if there was anything they could have done better, that that’s a big MOTHER F*** HINT that you should be leaving a better tip. And to add to that, if your bartender or server comps your drinks or gives you a special price, you show your appreciation by tipping well when you are closing out!! Duh!
6) Why I’m allergic to shellfish? Maybe I need to do a google search of my own and find out that causes this…and also why I’m allergic to cats…I really don’t like cats…
7) Why some days I feel like I can run a marathon and beat any of my coworkers in an arm wrestle, and other days just getting in a walk is an effort.
8) To add on to that, why some days I am the poster child for healthy eating and other times you’d have to handcuff me to keep me from the oreos…(And whatever else happens to be around)…
9) What exactly the difference is between (and meaning) megabytes, jiggabytes, and all the other bites..

10) Why it won’t hurry up and get warm so I can put away my sweaters and stuff already!!


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