The audition the other day

Right, so, that audition the other day…really fun!! It was for a commercial for a well known resort/vacation spot… it seems that hanging out with improv people and watching their shows is rubbing off on me. One  actor friend tells me that people who do improv are booking a lot of commercial work now….There were about four of us and we were playing good friends who were on vacation together, we do this every year and we are just getting in from a nite of dancing and drinking. We stumble in to the game room and someone sees the game that we” always play” and we decide to play, and we win big!! A good time is had by all… you get the picture…

so anyway the casting lady just gives us the above scenario and thats it, thats all you dont get to decide ahead of time who is whos girlfriend or who is gonna find the game first and decide to play, etc etc..theres no time…you just wing it… whatevere happens we did it and it was so fun! Its actually better that way, when you dont know ahead of time who is gonna do what or say what….anyway I”ll post here if I book it… its not a national but it’d be a nice chunk o change.  I dont remember what number that brings me to- I think its 90 something… and were in April already!! wow!

Im also realizing that some time ago I had committed to a quote of the day, and I have been slacking. So starting today I will aim to do this. Todays quote is from my favorite coworker:

“I hear what youre saying Jenny, but it all works out in the end“.


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