Hurray!!! The good weather is actually  here!!! Finally!!!! Bring on the short dresses, pretty sandals, flip flops and sun!! Bring on the sunglasses and BURN the coats and scarf!!! Yes!!!! I cannot tell you what a brutal and long winter this has been! Good riddance!!

So reporting making slow yet steady strides…our coach had us pick an image and a story to represent our journey..I picked the tortoise and the hare…you remember, right? The story where the rabbit and all of his friends just laughed at the turtle, saying it was so slow and would never win….but the turtle paid them no mind to  and just kept putting one little paddle  in front of the other… Eventually he not only made it to the finish line, but he got there before the rabbit did. Its simple, I know, but I am around kids all of the time and often times I get more from them than I do from anyone else. Its a good idea to sometimes go back and revisit those childhood stories, they have a lot of wisdom in them.

had an audition last week for a print ad- in and and look pretty, then  your done. I think that brings me to ninety something, right? I have my recital tomorrow nite (gotta get some rehearsal in tonite), an agent meeting on Wednesday, and FINALLY an editing session on Wed afternoon. Im really hoping that this session will be the one in which I can finally declare this project complete. We shall see…

Enjoy the beautiful weather everyone!!



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  1. What a beautiful day, and spring is on its way. However, be ready for cold to display one or two more chilling days.

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