Trailer is Done!

O na- na, whats my name? O nan-na….

I have finally completed the trailer. Yes, you read correctly, I finished the trailer! I am so happy! It has taken me forever to get to this point, much longer than I would have liked, but at long last, it is done.  Hurray!!

I got the help of a fantastic colleague/editor/filmmaker, and we knocked it out in ONE day. It was such a relief to have the help of someone experienced with all of the necessary equipment. We were so immersed in the project that time just flew by and before you know it, the entire day was gone.  Since I came more prepared and organized to the session than last time (see, I learned my lessons!) it was much, much easier.  I also realized that it was a much stronger piece without the voiceover that I was using in the previous version. The pictures we see will  tell the story, we dont need to hear it as well….

Choosing the music was really fun too.  A.S. had a huge music collection from which to choose from, and I went with something that I felt  matched the “ethnic and cultural” content of  my piece.  It really does help to set the tone and create a “feel” for the piece.

My next step is to get several copies of this made and sent it out to the people/organizations on my list, along with all of my suport letters, bio, etc….I also will have a screening in the beginning of June and invite friends/contacts to that….o and open up an LLC and bank account…. one step at a time….

Here’s a little quote I found on the ‘net from Steven Spielberg: All those horrible, traumatic years I spent as a kid became what I draw from creatively today.

I like this quote because even if we  did not have a traumatic childhood, we’ve all  certainly dealt with our share of “monsters”, and this quote reminds us that we can either let those monsters hurt us forever, or we can channel that energy into creating something…



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