Its Friday already! Hurray! I am looking forward to the weekend.

Last nite I finished up with another set of students. Dont remember if Ive blogged about these ones before. They were fraternal twins, very sweet. But this was def a challenging one. I picked up where another tutor had left off. It was hard work.  But last nite, my last nite with them, was nice. I wasnt expecting the warmth and love I received from them, and even from the other family members who up until then didnt seem to even notice me. They kept hugging me and telling me how much they were going to miss me and asking me to stay…I was floored. I am glad I stuck it out with them. My friend said to me ” i was the one who didnt quit” and he made my day.  🙂 I always like to give my students a little “graduation” gift,  and it was their birthday, so I got them each a huge bar of Godiva chocolate with a card. I was laughing to myself because they ate it so fast, practically inhaling it. I hope they didnt get sick later on…thats stuff is so rich and intense, its meant to be eaten a square at a time, but I didnt want to tell them that, lol.

So THEN,  I had all these plans to cook a delicious dinner for my friend and I, right?  So I stop by  the store in my ‘hood on the way home. I got the stuff for the salad and then I look for the meat/fish/poultry section, but I dont see it.  So I ask an employee where the meat/fish/poultry section is and he tells me they dont have one!! Im like “huh?’ and then I remember!! This is like the third  time something like this has happened to me since I moved to my new place. Since its a very traditional jewish neighborhood, they observe all of these jewish laws. Like keeping meat seperate from other foods. And of course, at that time, the store that did sell meat was already closed.  So the only thing “proteiny” they had was turkey hot dogs! So the “gourmet meal”  ended up being salad and hot dogs, lol.  And of course he was very cool about it and didnt care, but still it was a little embarrassing. A couple of other incidents that  reminded me of where I live? : Trying to order a sausage and egg breakfast sandwich at Dunking Donuts, but they dont sell that!!! Only eggs cuz again, the meat is seperate!!! O- and when I FIRST moved there, I tried to get all of the stuff i needed to get done on Saturday, my day off, but EVERYTHING WAS CLOSED on Saturday! Why?! ‘Cuz its the Sabbath day….actually writing about it makes it all  sound really funny….

Tonite Im hanging out with my friends on the LES…we’ve got some bar crawl planned…I think they have about 6 bars planned but I will prolly only go to two or three cuz I gotta be up early tmrw… looking forward to it though….

have a good weekend everyone!


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