The Rapture?

So, we are still here. Are you surprised, disappointed, amused? Angry?
Whenever these types of things happen (and there have been a lot of them thruout history) I am struck not so much by the lunacy and irrationality of the person causing the frenzy, but by the gullability and innocence of the thousands ofpeople that actually believe it. What does it say about our society that so many people, many of them whom we would consider to be “normal”, could be so easily convinced that the end of the world was at hand?
I heard a very powerful message about this on sunday from SBJ. As I stood greeting with him, he shared with me that he had had to deal with a lot of phone calls from worried friends that week. Not people from some other place, but people from my own congregation. It was shocking to me. “Really?”, I asked. “People actually thought this was legit?”. And sadly, the answer was yes. There were many, many people who had real concerns about the end of the world.
Personally, I cant say Ive given the end of the world very much thought. I’m far too concerned with living in the here and now. But I do think that, despite the insanity of the Campings of the world, that they do serve a purpose. They force us to think about things that we normally wouldnt ponder. When we are confronted with our mortality, we are forced to take a look at our lives and reevaluate them. What if, in, fact, it really were the end of the world on saturday? What would we be doing differently? How would our priorities change? Would the things that seem so important to us right now, really be all that important in the end?
When I look at this in that way, Mr. Camping doesnt actually seem that irrelevant after all….


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  1. Jessica Carmona

    Hi Jen. I liked this entry alot.
    As someone who had a near-death experience,the whole end of the world thing brought up some unpleasant memories. Even though its been ten years since 9/11, I still remember the sense of panic and fear that I felt. The anxiety. And also, all the “what if’s” and all the should-have’s and could have’s. I agree with you that though Camping is a total nutjob, he has clearly touched a nerve for alot of people. For some reason, lots of people took him seriously.
    I am just glad that we are all still here. That we are blessed with another day of life. Another chance to live our lives to the fullest and to pursue our dreams. To serve others.To help others. I am glad that we have family, friends, and community that love us and respect us and cherish us.
    Thanks for sharing your talent with the world, Jen!!

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