Tonite I “graduated” my last student. Like most teachers at this time of year, I’m pretty exhausted. Theres a mixture of both sadness and relief: on the one hand, you develop an effection for the kids and their families, and since you get used to seeing them all of the time, you feel sort of weird when all of a sudden you dont see them anymore. On the other hand, you also feel this tremendous weight being lifted. All of a sudden I have my evenings and weekends free again. Since I was doing this job on top of another fulltime, it was doubly exhausting. Now i am looking forward to a great summer with (hopefully) only one support job.
A friend of mine used to tease me about my “hustles”, which is the term he effectionately gave to the various jobs that I have. “You and your hustles”, he would joke, “which one are you working tonite?”
My “hustles” though, are actually one of the things I am most grateful for. Obviously, they’ve all helped me to pay my rent and put food on my table. But their value goes far beyond the monetary. I dont think that I have worked a single job at which I did not learn something. From which I did not emerge a stronger, wiser person. Even at the worst jobs Ive been at, I can always look back and say, you know, that guy was a real a**hole, but by working with him I got really good at something.
In addition to the strength and skills I’ve gotten from my hustles, I can also really appreciate the various types of people that Ive gotten to know. I love that I have experienced the luxury and abundance of a cushy job in corporate america, working alongside the geniuses in suits, as well as sweating alongside the recent immigrants as we wait tables in a busy restaurant. I love that I get to get a glimpse into the lives of my tutoring students in the inner cities, as well as babysit for higher income families in manhattan. The variety and contrast of my work experiences has made me a more well rounded and open minded person.
I have been horribly remiss in reporting on my artistic progress…what can I say? “The grind has got a tight hold”…but heres whats going on in a nutshell: Audition tmrw, wish me luck! Its for some commercial…my editor and I have decided to put the voiceover back on the trailer, that will happen Friday. I am signing up for two wkshps this summer, one in Shkspre gym and the other in a Theater of the Opprressed wkshp. (Boal). Thats it so far. Will post again tmrw. Enjoy the beautiful evening!! Summer is HERE!!!!


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