Ten Things Thursday

Since I am in Rochester this week, I thought it would be appropriate to dedicate todays Ten Things Thursday to ten things I love and really miss about living here. So here goes:

Ten Things I Love/Miss about living in Rochester:

1) Tops and Wegmans!!! The two major supermarkets here. Its where most of us had our first jobs. They are so big and have such a variety of great foods and make gorcery shopping a real treat. In the city, you have to go to Whole Foods or Food Emporium to get this experience, whereas here in Roch, most grocery stores are that nice, and you dont have to pay more for them.
2) The beauty. Especially in spring and summer. Its so green here and there is natural beauty everywhere.
3) I miss driving everywhere. Although I love NYC, it sucks to shove yourself into a crowded subway in the morning on your way to work. Here, at least you get to be in the comfort of your own car on the way to work.
4) People are friendlier and more laid back here. They are not as hurried and uptight as NY’orkers can be.
5) Autumn upstate . Theres just nothing else like it.
6) The memories that I have here. Ive lived in NYC almost as long as I’ve lived here, but even still I can remember where everything is and how to get there.
7) My friends/family friends who have known me since I was little and still always care so much about me.
8) Things are cheaper here, and so is the cost of living in general.
9) There is such a thriving artistic community here. This is where I got my start as an artist. Rochester is home to GEVA theatre, Garth Fagan Dance, Rochester City Ballet, Eastman School of Music, School of the Arts (my alma mater!!), Borinquen Dance Co, and so much more.
10) The wide open space that makes it feel so much less crowded.

Thats all I got for today!!


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