ten things thursday

I guess an appropriate follow up to last weeks list would be:
Ten Great things about living (or being back) in NYC:

1) Places are open much later. MUCH later!
2) There are ALOT of cool places to hang out at here, a place to suit every mood and personality type. In Rochester, not so much. Javas and Spot are pretty cool, and I found a few other cool places, but theres just not that variety that you have here.
3) The flip side of the coin- you DIDNT go to highschool with these people, they DIDNT know you since you were a little girl, and hence they dont treat you as one. No baggage. Im the me I turned out to be when I’m here.
4) I like that even if you dont make it to the gym on any given day, you still get some degree of physical activity in. Man, walking up and down subway stairs is a workout in and of itself. My old roomate rode his bike everywhere. You walk everywhere here, not drive, and thats o so much better for your body. In fact, i think i read somewhere that NYC residents are healthier than the rest of the country precisely for that reason.
5) Ok, when its NOT rush hour, and you actually are able to get a seat, the subway can be pretty fun to ride. Alot of times you are treated to entertainment during the ride too, for free!!
6) I like that in nyc, i am constantly meeting and associating with people from all different backgrounds, classes, beliefs, etc. In roch, people are a lot more “compartmentalized”. The leftys hang with the lefty’s and the conservatives with the conservatives, you know?
7) I like the variety of food here.
8) I like that i can see a broadway show anytime i want, or the nyc ballet, or whatever great company happens to be in town. Roch has a lot of great arts, but nyc is the “mecca”.
9) All of my friends, many of whom are like family to me, are here. The other nite i was bbysitting for my good friend, who was also my first roomate after college. In a way, we have both grown up together in nyc. Her husband is an artist as well, and they are a nice example of people who can have the best of both worlds: living the dream and having a family at the same time. My coach, actor friends, teachers, etc all make up my nyc family.
10) Life here is infinitely more exciting than any other place I’ve been to!!!


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