Ten Things Thursday (Belated)

The other day, I was having brunch with some friends of mine and we got to talking about all of the media frenzy surrounding Congressman Weiner. The topic led to a broader conversation about men in the spotlight in general, whether it be in politics, entertainment, or social justice movements. Lately it seems that almost every week there is a new scandal revealed about “such and such” leader, previously considered to be so great, who is actually dishonorable or dishonest in his private life. Kerry, Schwarzenhagger, Spitzer, Tiger Woods, the list goes on and on…even leaders in the past, like MLK, Clinton, and artists/activists like Bob Marley, were subjects of controversy and scandal because of things that went on in their private lives. From a “civilian” standpoint, it can be a little bit discouraging.

We were talking about why this is so common and if the two (fame and scandal) have to go hand in hand. My friend SF made a really interesting comment which made a lot of sense to me. You take a person who is so gifted and talented and has a lot to offer the world, and you give them that room and space to be a leader in that field. All of a sudden, they are elevated to another level in society in which the same rules of conduct dont seem to apply. First class treatment wherever you go, riches and luxury that other people can only dream about, every where you go people treat you like a king, they worship and adore you. Its almost as though you are made out to be some pagan god and the rules that apply everyone else dont apply to you anymore. All of a sudden it becomes okay to do the things that were previously considered to be wrong. From on top of your pedestal, you sort of lose that connection to your humanity and ethical values.

So on this, my silly little blog, my tiny little corner in Cyberpsace, I offer you another picture. Below, you will find, in honor of Fathers Day, Ten Great Men. These are men that I Have either known personally, or who I have read about, that truly inspire me. I hope this will be somewhat inspiring and that it will remind us all that despite the negative images that we are constantly being fed, that there are still men of honor, integrity, strength, and compassion in this world. Enjoy! And Happy Fathers Day to all my friends who are Dads.


  1. Jose Marti
  2. Famous Fathers

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