Ten Things Thursday

Hi!!! πŸ™‚

Todays Ten Things Thursday List Shall Be….


1) Postsecret.com. A friend referred me to this site a few years ago. Its got lots of random posts from all these random people who are anonymously confessing their secrets. They range from love triangles, to fears and insecurities, to money problems….you name it, its been posted about. Five minutes on this site will make your problems seems very small…

2) Weightlosstories.blogspot.com. Everyone that knows me already knows how into health and fitness I am. I like reading about other people’s journey, I like seeing the before and after pictures, I like getting motivated to be better about my health.

3) Hopstop.com. How did I get around before I discovered this site? You just punch in your present location and then punch in where you wanna go and it will tell you how. Like a GPS for when youre not in a car. πŸ™‚

4) thesecret.tv.My friend AS made me laugh the other day- he was basically giving me visualization advice and I’m like “o, yeah, thats from The Secret”, and he’s like ‘Yeah, well, its no secret!”. Anyway, besides describing the law of attraction it also has a section on success stories and I like to read them when I am in the need of some inspiration or encouragement.

5) Mint.com- I think Ive posted about this site before. But I think it deserves a place on this list. It really helps you to organize your finances and make plans and goals. It makes you aware of your finances and where your money goes. If you pay for most of your stuff with your card, it will track it all for you- you dont even have to write it down.

6) Iwillteachyoutoberich.com- Thats Ramit Sethy’s site- the one with the book of the same title. This is still a work in progress (man! how do you save AND pay for classes AND pay your rent on time when your an artist and dont make that much money?)but i am learning alot from it and taking small steps in the direction that he points in.

7) Zen habits.com.Β  I really,really like Leo Babuta. He writes insightful and inspiring posts every week that really make me think and inspire me to make positive changes in my life.

8) Sex on the Upper East Side- I first got into this blog when I moved away from Harlem and needed to get to know the ‘hood. Its a lite and funny blog about a girl and her various sex/dating experiences.

9) Equinox.com- I like the whole way they give you a personal profile that can track your workouts, progress, etc…it helps to keep me motivated….

10) cnn.com- well, for obvious reasons. I like to be an informed citizen.



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