In Defense of Goals

Last nite was great because I went to my friends screening and I got to support her in her work. Shes working on a very moving documentary that is extremely personal . I really admire her courage and talent in making this film. She had a good Q and A session afterwards and I think that she was able to get a lot out of our feedback (at least I hopes so).

It was a very casual and intimate gathering and we were only there for a short time, but even in that short time and with that small group of people, my artistic batteries were “re-charged”. Just being in the same room as other artists and talking about the project was so motivating. It was a great reminder that you dont have to put up a show on Broadway, or write a a blockbuster movie overnite, to be fulfilled artistically. There is so much to be enjoyed and accomplished even in these seemingly “small” steps. And it is precisely these seemingly “small steps” that get us to our eventual “larger” goals.

I find I get the same motivation in seeing JA perform and in being among his friends. Just seeing him perform is fun and inspiring, a reminder of who I am and what I do.

I am signing up for another shkspre gym in july, my own screening will be happening very soon, and I will soon be starting in another 12 week coaching session. Which kinda leads me to my main topic for todays post.

Lately Ive been getting a lot of suggestions and advice that encourage you to NOT have goals. That is, that instead of having timelines, specific events, deadlines, etc, that you should just “let go of expectation” and “just be”. This line of thought proposes that when we set goals for ourselves, and then we dont meet them, or things dont go as you had planned them, that we get discouraged and then later abandon our projects altogether. I guess their reasoning is that if you put too much pressure on yourself, and then dont measure up, you feel down and that stunts your growth. So instead, they suggest an approach of: ‘accept things as they are, it happens when it happens, if you dont feel like doing something then dont do it”…

Being an extremely goal oriented person myself, I found this idea to be disturbing. I live and breathe my goals. I have very clearly defined goals and a specific vision for my life that I constantly carry around with me. They give me a sense of direction and a sense of purpose. Having specific goals, and taking daily steps in the directions of my goals, has really worked for me. I’ve worked very hard on creating a community of friends and family who support and encourage me in my goals. Accountability, having someone to “report back to”, really keeps me in line and helps me to make slow yet steady progress on my goals. For every action that I take, relationship I involve myself in, activity that I participate in, I ask myself, “will this help me with my goal, or will it stop me from reaching my goals”? It is also my underlying thought in dealing with other people: “how can i best be of support to this person? How can i help this person attain their goal? Am i going to get in the way of this person or can I help him/her?”

I also notice that there is a very clear difference between those with specific goals and those without. Sure,we all have dreams and great ideas, those are a dime a dozen. Anyone can go to a party and smoke a joint and talk about what a great artist they are and how they are gonna be so great one day. But the people that seem to be most successful are the ones who have clearly defined, specific goals that they work at consistently, day in and day out. They approach their projects with the same diligence and discipline that any lawyer, teacher, politician would. And once that goal is met, they set another. Most people in history that have accomplished great things by setting small, simple goals that gradually led them to the ultimate goal. So when it comes to goals, Im all for them.

Of course, Im not advocating extremism or rigidity. We need to set small simple goals, and we need to be kind to ourselves. But we do need to have them.

What do you guys think ? Goals, or no goals?

Its Friday people!! Wheres da M**F party at??!




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