Ten Things Thursday (belated)

Trying to keep up with my theatre viewing quotas. Todays Ten Things Thursday is….
Ten cool things about the production of Midsummer Nites Dream I saw this week:

1) Really nice outdoor theatre space. Its on the grounds of a college campus in NJ. Large enough stage to play around in, but not so big that you feel far away from the world of the play. Still manages to maintain the intimate feel of outdoor theatre.
2) Seeing my friend Stew in the role of Snug. He reinforces the idea that there are “no small parts”, only small actors. He was sooo cute in this role.
3) The guy who played Puck (forgot his name) but he was my favorite. He was perfectly cast and really funny. When Oberon sends him on a search for Hermia and Demetrius, he goes into the audience and looks at the name brand on their clothes.
4) The girlfight between Hermia and Helena in the pool. Hilarious.
5) Seeing Aegeus come onto the stage dressed as a rich white golfer, complete with visor and club.
6) The fairies. They were weird and silly and cute. Cute costumes, lots of energy, really added to the “feel” of being in another world.
7) The Helena/Demetrious scene (I love thee not, therefore pursue me not)…its such a naturally funny scene and it gets me everytime.
8) The way people were eating and drinking during the show…a more casual/laid back atmosphere than the more common/strict theatre protocol in a traditional theatre. It was different and refreshing.
9) That there were actual fireflies flying around during the show. Mother nature added her own little contribution to the performance.
10) When titania wakes up and falls in love with Bottom (with the donkey face on). Priceless.
A Midsummer Nites Dream runs at the NJ Shakespeare Theatre in the Park in Morristown thru the end of the month. Check it out!!! 🙂


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